Blogs and Berries the Blog

Blogs and Berries the blog is my third try at creating a successful blog (not that the first two were epic failures).

  • Why the name? 

Of course when you have a blog or any kind of writing you want it to have an eye-catching title…sooo I decided on…Blogs and BERRIES! Since it will consist of several different blog posts and I absolutely looove berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, you name it), I figured it was a win-win. 

  • So is the blog going to be about my love for berries?

No. This blog will be about so much more. Just like my Pinterest account where I have 57 boards. .this will have just as many blog topics (not 57).

  • What topics will you write about? 

Although I love to write, sometimes I don’t know what to write about. So I looked up 101 blog topics and here are a few that I picked out …

  1. Review books/ products and films
  2. Interview someone 
  3. Criticize a website/blog or person
  4. Create a photo post
  5. Tell a personal secret 
  6. Write about an inspirational/ motivational post with famous quoted
  7. Quotes that I put on my church bulletin board 
  8. Share recent travel experiences 
  9. Write a short story 
  10. Share a text message/snapshot and write about it 
  11. Create a list of something (movies, restaurants)
  12. Write down all your thoughts you had during the day
  13. Build your to-do list 
  14. Write a post in response to something recent in the news 
  15. Share your favourite blog/bloggers
  16. Publish a post about your success and epic faI lures
  17. Post a picture that tells/ reveals a story
  18. Publish some little or unknown facts 
  19. Write where you’d like to travel 
  20. Do a video post about your day
  21. Write a longer “about me” post 
  22. Share food recipes 
  23. Write about why you started blogging 
  24. Make a handwritten post and publish it 
  25. Rant about something that really disturbs you 
  26. Wish yourself a happy birthday 
  27. Write an open letter 
  28. Write an A to Z post 
  29. Compile a list of jokes 
  30. Write a poem
  31. Make a list of hacks 
  32. Write about your plans for the holiday 

Clearly you can see that out of 101 I only picked out 32 topics…and out of those 32 topics I  will probably write about 20. Because for 1, I don’t know any famous people to interview; for 2, I don’t criticize people nor will I criticize their blog and for 3, I will probably never ever EVER do a video blog. ..but you know what they say, “never say never”. 


via Daily Prompt: Lust

“No Contract. No Contact.”

The words spoken by the Prophetess were etched in my memory. That night I had received a newfound angle on life and it’s worldly desires.

I had no choice but to look back over my life and to question the worthless words spoken by the people of this world, that I had always taken into consideration. I took into consideration the cost of my body, and the worth of my mind… as if there is or ever was a debatable price attached to those things.

However, speaking of price…the Prophetess began to talk about cars and their commericals. She began to speak on how you really don’t see commercials advertising Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Trevitas, and all those other high-priced luxury vehicles. And let’s be honest, those aren’t vehicles that us everyday people with everyday jobs can afford. So in certain areas of the community and City’s you’re not going to see them advertising them. You may not even see those dealerships located within your City. Because why would they waste their time and their money on putting their business in a place where they aren’t going to make any money?!?

Now the worthless words that I once thought made sense came into play. Have you ever dated a person, and them, a friend, or even yourself, fixed your lips to say, “how can you marry a person and not know what sex with them is like?” We go on to say, “you’re not going to buy a vehicle without test driving it first?”

I would like to take a poll of all those who own one of those high-priced luxury vehicles and see how many of them actually took it for a test drive. Then, I want to know how many, after taking that test drive decided later that they didn’t want that vehicle. If you really want a vehicle, can a test drive of it really change your mind about whether or not you’re going to purchase it? A “test” drive is to basically see if you feel comfortable driving it and if it’s worth the money. But anything new to you, you have to take time to adjust to it anyways. The brakes have to loosen up, the seat and mirrors have to be adjusted. All of those things come into play. So what exactly does test driving really do for you?!?

I so bad want a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (which one day I will own) and I tell you what, a test drive is not going to change my mind on me wanting it.

If it is something you want, a test drive is not needed. Either you want it and can afford it….or you don’t and you can’t.

What if they started saying that you had to pay for a test drive? Would you then still want to buy the car? Would the vechile even be worth it? Or would you tell the dealer, “No need for a test drive. I’ll drive it when I purchase it”.

“No contract. No Contact.” The value you place on yourself will determine whether or not you continually allow people to “test drive” you; just for them to then determine if you’re worth the buy or not. It’s your body, it’s your decision. But as for me…you can look but you can’t touch. Not only that, but you won’t find me advertising my product and services.

Our Covering 

“Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them.”‭‭Genesis‬ ‭3:21‬ ‭KJV‬‬

So tonight was the first night of Vacation Bible Study for my church and tonight’s discussion was in Genesis 3, “The Relationship Broken”. 

I’m not going to go into the chapter, which was about Adam and Eve and them eating the fruit from the tree that God told them not to eat from, but there was a verse that stuck out to me….verse 21.

Adam and Eve didn’t become ashamed of their nakedness (Genesis 2:25) until they ate the fruit from the tree. They had disobeyed God. They went about their way not knowing anything about their nakedness and not feeling any way towards it. However, as soon as they sinned against God, they felt ashamed and naked. 

Although God punished them for their sin (verses 16-19), He still went back and properly clothed them. He covered them. He covered their wrongdoings and protected them from their shame. 

At times when we sin, we (I) may tend to feel like Adam and Eve… naked. We may feel as if everyone is looking at us and can see the sin and the wrong we just committed. We become ashamed and want to run and hide, not only from God, but everyone else. God loves us and knows that our flesh is weak. He wants us to learn from our mistakes which is why we feel ashamed. He allows us to feel that way so that we wouldn’t want to make that mistake again. But just like in verse 21, he covers us. He punishes us for our wrong, like a parent does a child, but he protects us. He clothes us with love, protection, and his peace. He provides for us even when we feel that He is no where to be found. 

Comfort Suite (Story)

I don’t really know what this should be titled but let me tell you something I do know — I don’t like people feeling comfortable too quickly. 

You know how you can have that one good friend, and y’all hang out from time to time. And then they decide one day that you need to meet their other good friend, and now all three of y’all hanging out. So your good friend is joking around and playing with you like always. Y’all talking junk to one another, and then THEIR friend jumps in and think they can do they same. So they joined in on the fun (which there’s nothing wrong with that) but they go over board. They start running they mouth and at this point and it’s no longer funny and everything has gotten serious. They got too comfortable too quickly.

So here’s the story. I have this male friend who I’ve known since high school (about 9 years now or longer). We’ve talked on and off since high school but it’s never gotten anywhere. So here we are now some years down the road. We met back up and started talking again. Okay, cool. 

It’s been some weeks now and we’ve hung out a few times. You can say we rekindled our FRIENDSHIP (although he wants more than to just be friends). 

So last night, he asked if I could get him some cigarettes. I’m like okay, cool, it’s not a problem. 

Now let me throw in the fact that he likes to drink. Now I’m not a big fan of drinking and definitely not for people getting drunk, but if you drink that’s cool, just be mindful of your limit. 

I’ve been around him long enough to tell what his limit is and last night he had reached it. He said he only had one beer before I got there, but he was already to the point that irritates me. 

Anyways, I give him my card so he can go in the store to purchase his cigarettes. CIGARETTES. So why does this blank-blank come out with a black plastic bag. I’m looking at him like ‘what the heck’. He clearly knows what I’m thinking cause he opens his mouth to defend himself. He said he got the beer (two bottles) because he couldn’t just get the cigarettes with the card, it had to be over a certain amount in order to use the card. 

Okay, I get that, but I make him go back in the store. He ended up switching ONE of the beers out for a soda. 

I told him that if that was the case, he could’ve came out and asked me if I wanted anything. You don’t just take it upon yourself to get YOURSELF a beer when you said you was going up in there for cigarettes. THAT’S MY MONEY! And to be honest, I don’t think he really got cigarettes for the simple fact that when I asked about them he said they were in the bag. Now I don’t smoke but I know people who do don’t have them sitting anywhere where they may get broken ….especially not singles/looses [pronounced luc-cies] lol. So why would you put them in a bag with large drinks in them?!? 

Anyways, although it’s now been a whole twenty-four hours, that thing has been on my mind on and off all day. 

I just don’t understand where he thought that that was cool or okay. Like I wouldn’t even pull no mess like that with my momma. 

Word to the wise… “Don’t let your feelings get you too comfortable.” ….is all I’m saying. 


In Her Dreams (Story)

She woke up to that feeling again…the feeling of disappointment and disheartening. She woke up from yet another dream about him. The dreams were becoming a weekly thing that she thought to be eye-opening yet very cruel. How could you dream so much about one person, she thought. The dreams were never so much about him but he was always in them. He somehow always found his way back into her mind–maybe because he never left her heart. 

This dream was different however. It took on a boldness that the others had not.   

Was it trying to tell her something? Warn her of something? 

Her dream was set at his house, a place she always visited. His home was like her second home. She felt more at home there than she did at her mother’s apartment or her father’s house. 

She was always being invited over there by his mother and sister. She got along well with his family; that even included his Aunts and Uncles. They loved her. They loved her more than he did. They all wondered at times, what they saw in her that he didn’t? His mother would joke around saying they needed to box her son in a corner and have an intervention. They all would laugh, but she knew deep down his mother was serious.

It seemed as if the break-up, a few years back, hurt his mother more than him–or anyone else for that matter. Him and J remained friends, but it became more evident as time passed that his mother wanted her around more than he did. 

Not a week could go by without Frankie’s mother asking J to come over. She called her, her god-daughter. There was a bond and loyalty within their relationship, just like that of Ruth and Naomi’s (from the Bible). The only difference was that Ruth actually married Naomi’s son. 

In this modern day story of Ruth and Naomi, there was no marriage and no deaths.

(Back to her dream) The dream was like any normal day in their house. Frankie had a couple of friends over. J was in the kitchen making a sandwich with Frankie’s “God-brother”. Everyone began to pile in the kitchen. It was J, Frankie, his god brother, his friends, and his mother. 

J remembered everyone laughing and joking around. She couldn’t recall the conversation but she remembered Frankie walking up and standing beside her. Frankie’s god brother, James, began to playfully taunt J (as he normally would). He was asking her questions and on one of them, Frankie jumped in, “Yea, why are you always over here?” He asked. “Well,” J pointed to his mother, “she’s the one who wouldn’t stop calling me.” 

Frankie laughed. They exchanged more words and jabs at each other before she walked in. It was Frankie’s best friend. Her name was Devin and no one in the house could stand her. It’s been stated over several times before, the only reason anyone tolerated her was because of Frankie, but even some days he couldn’t stand her.  

Jealousy could’ve been her middle name. She was jealous of any and everyone who came around him– but mainly she was jealous of J. 

Devin would always ask Frankie, “why is she here?”, in reference to J. And even though J was dreaming, nothing about Devin’s real life attitude changed. 

Frankie looked at J and said something to her. (She couldn’t recall any of the conversations.) J remembered, however, saying something right back to Frankie and then taking off running. Frankie took off after her. J ran to the front room of the house where Frankie’s sister was. He ran in behind her and they began play fighting. After a few seconds of playing and laughing, J sat down on the edge of the couch. Frankie sat down beside her. He looked at her and said, “can I kiss you?” 
J looked at him confused. It’s been years since they’ve kissed or even hugged. “If you’re serious”, J responded. 

Frankie stood up and checked the doorway. J stood up in front of him. He pulled her to him and kissed her. They must’ve forgot that his sister was in the room because they kept going as if no one was watching. 

Frankie looked out the door again, hearing his moms voice come closer. He kissed J one last time before walking out. 

J’s dream must’ve fast forward a bit because she found herself standing outside their house. She watched as Frankie and his best friend, Devin, sat in his parent’s Jeep. She watched as Frankie backed out of the driveway and drove off.
J stood and watched until the Jeep turned the corner. She wondered what the kiss meant. She wondered if after seven years, if there was a possibility of her being happy with someone again. 
J laid in the bed thinking about the dream she had just had. It had to be the fourth dream J had had of Frankie within the past few weeks, and her feelings were beginning to get the best of her.

“Good morning babe.” A voice said from behind her. J turned and smiled, “good morning.”

Now or Never 

So last night I finally did it. I got his number and texted him. It was twelve o’clock on the dot. I knew he would still be up and more than likely still driving. It took me a year and forty-five minutes to send a text message that read, “Hey, this is Jessica. Can I talk to you tomorrow when y’all get back?” 

I hit send. No take backs. I was a nervous wreck. I waited and waited to see if “delivered” was going to turn into “read”. 

12 hours later….it never did. 

Here I am an hour and forty-five minutes away from it being a whole 24 hours since I sent him that text message. It was either going to be now or never…and at that moment I choose now. 

However, I’m now wishing I choose never. I walked past him several times before getting up the courage yet again to speak. Everybody was saying, “maybe he didn’t get the text” and “why don’t you just go talk to him.” It was as if they didn’t know the same guy I knew. He wasn’t an easy person to talk to about “feelings”. Maybe when it came down to playing the position of a sister, friend, or mother it was easy, but not the ex-girlfriend. 

We dated seven years ago and six years ago (after he broke up with me) I confessed my feelings. They weren’t mutual but he was willing to hang out and just be “friends”. I could at least accept that. 

However, fast forward some years and to me coming back around (because I’m close with his family), he starts doing things. 

Please tell me what I’m suppose to think when you have me sitting on your lap around your friends. Or when you come in the room to where your mother, sister, and I are at and you sit down beside me and start resting your head on my lap. What am I suppose to think when you bring your laptop from your room upstairs, lay down beside me and start searching for a movie for us to watch.  

Or what am I to think when on more than one and two occasions we have fallen asleep together (with you holding me). Until it all just stopped.

I wondered for a whole year if it was me or did he just stop feeling it (whatever he was feeling). My fault that a year later I finally find the courage to get his phone number and at least text him asking if we could talk. Thank God I didn’t actually tell him my feelings. 

I don’t know which is worse?!? Him saying “no” to me asking if we could talk, or the fact that he said nothing at all. 

I stopped in front of him and said, “You can just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.” He looked up at me and said “huh?” 
I proceeded and asked, “Did you get a text from me last night?” He responded, “Yea”. 

I said “okay” and walked away. That answer told me everything that I needed to know. Which was absolutely nothing. 

I don’t need to know how he felt a year ago when all that stuff took place. I don’t need to know how he feels about me and he doesn’t need to know how I feel about him, because he clearly doesn’t care. 

It was either now or never, and I wish I had choose never. 

Happy Mothers Day


Happy Mothers Day, not only to myself but to all the Mothers ! 

Three years ago (May 8th 2014), I became a mother to a beautiful 6lb baby girl. 

I don’t recall the first thought when she came out. However, I remember thinking when they put her down to clean and wrap her, “that baby is not mine.” I remember saying, “She’s so light. I know she’s yours [to the father] but is she mine?” I just couldn’t stop looking over at her. No words could ever explain how much joy, love, and relief I felt in those moments. 

When I first found out I was pregnant I can’t say I was excited. Her father and I were on and off around that time.

I remember a week going by and having no visit from my special friend (sorry guys), so I went to the store the following week, purchased a pregnancy test, and went home to take it. 

When I took the test it felt like days waiting on the results. I tried to keep the test on the sink, but kept picking it up and checking it. Then the moment came… the first line appeared and then a faded second line appeared. I WAS PREGNANT! When I saw the results my knees buckled. I thought I was about to pass out. I double checked the stick and looked back at the directions. Immediately tears rolled down my eyes and next thing I know, I had grabbed my phone and was dialing my best friends number. 

My daughters father was in the bed sleep. I woke him up and showed him the test. He appeared a little bit more excited than me. We made an appointment with Planned Parenthood that same day and they confirmed it again. We told his mom first and she was over ecstatic! She wanted us to send pictures of the evidence so she could tell everybody. I remember that day she came back to the apartment more prepared than we were with thoughts on how to raise the baby. What the baby [boy] was going to eat, how he was going to dress, what school he was going to, etc. 

My pregnancy was a pretty easy one. I had “morning sickness” very rarely and it was only at the times my momma cooked ground beef (couldn’t take the smell). I was in love with milk and hated the smell of the foods that I loved the most –ground meet, peppers, and onions. 

My birth was a natural birth. The contractions started off 6 minutes apart, then went to 5 and jumped to 3. It took us about seven minutes to get to the hospital. By the time I got dressed down in the gown I was already ten centimeters and the nurse said she could see the top of my baby’s head. I was in so much pain I wanted the epidural. Of course the nurse said it was too late. I felt as if I was going to die…. which is exactly what I asked the nurse –“Am I going to die?”. 

They got me into the birthing room and were trying to close my legs to keep her from coming out. At 2:09am on May 8th 2014, my 6lb baby was born. 

She has been my entertainment and inspiration ever since. 
Happy Mothers Day and enjoy your day Mothers!